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Hal's Hat

Thursday, March 10, 2011

One additional note....

The kind of fish oil you take matters. It doesn't matter if it is from WalMart, CVS or the Merc. But it does matter that your fish oil is pure, clean and has no heavy metal (Mercury, the element, not the daughter). Please look closely. Pay more for the supplement that says it's clarified, free of metals, etc.
And I'll talk about vitamin e and vitamin b next time... if that is too boring, give me a new topic!

xoxo Laurel


Going to try to keep this one simple- this is about OIL. Not cooking oil- that's a different post. Most supplements I take daily are oil- fish oil, cod liver oil, vit e and borage oil. I want to explain and encourage you to take oils and feed them to your families. Really, the typical western developed-world diet is so lacking in these oils. The results are heart disease, joint issues, skin issues and problematic insulin production (diabetes).
Fish oil: is omega-3 fatty acid. Necessary to the body for cardiac health, healthy joints (anti-inflammatory), cognitive funtion and MOOD. EPA and DHA in the right balance is key! EPA should be about twice as much as DHA in your supplement and you should purchase an oil that has been distilled so the mercury level is low. This can be obtained from fresh fatty fish (tuna, salmon, cod) or walnuts, flaxseeds and soybeans. The American diet of crappy fats (McDonalds, processed foods, etc) does not supply fat that we need to keep our hearts and brains functioning. If we look, geneologically, at what our particular ancestors ate, most of us would find that we lived on vegetables, fish and whole grain (add dairy for my ancestors). Even our great grandparents likely ate this. If you haven't heard Oprah, Dr. Oz, your neighbor or the newspaper talking about this for the last 5 years, you've been under a rock. Go to a Walmart and buy some fish oil. For goodness sake, stop the McD and add fish to your diet!!!! We should all know by now that the amount of fat in your diet does not matter as much the KIND of fat.  Dessa, Chester- I'm lookin' at you. Take 2,000 mg a day.
Cod Liver Oil: is vitamins A and D in a pure form. Also has a lower level of EPA and DHA. However, take this to combat inflammation and get enough vitamin D.

I'll stop here because it's been awhile since I posted! I'll write more later. We are moving house, and it's hard. Myrna starts a new school MONDAY. Last day at old school is tomorrow. *Arg*