Hal's Hat

Hal's Hat

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall container workshop... and plants, plants, plants!

Hello everyone who might visit occasionally! I have fallen down on updating- because the job I love keeps me busy running my mouth and fingers about plants...so much so that I don't have a lot left for this spot. 

But here is what's happening on the herbal front: turning comfrey oil into salve. 
Harvesting calendula blooms. I don't dry them as the lovely Mountain Rose Herb folks tell you to do.... we will see if they make good oil or if they are too wet/viscous. 
Taking all my own motherwort tincture because it helps stabilize my hormones! Really helps with the PMS. 
Coconut oil on all parts of the body. 
Echinacea to tincture.

On the plant front: I'm holding a container garden workshop. Here is the pdf for the function. The main question for most folk: what do I put in my containers in the fall that will look good until frost (or very cold)? I have a few season straddling suggestions... my favorite plants! 
I'm convening this through Lawrence Landscape- thanks, day job, for giving me room to be creative!

Jennifer Smith, our extension agent in Douglas County, wrote a fall container garden story about my suggestions for fall planting, etc! Thank you so much Jennifer. What a nice surprise! 

Please RSVP if you would like to come to my class... XOXO!