Hal's Hat

Hal's Hat

Friday, January 6, 2012

Found stuff from Hal's empty journal....

This is from the back of one of my dad's notebooks:
Table of weights and measures

The head of the Buddha- 4 lbs
4 lbs of butter- 4 lbs
2 pails of rain water- 16 lbs
"Coruscant" as a word- .500 mcg
"Unsettled" as a word- .250 mcg
Angel feather (small)- 500 mg
Dust from a Fritillary's wing- .005 mcg
Cold, rainy December Sunday afternoon- 4 lbs
Defeat- 75 lbs to 1 tonne, depending
Winning- minus 4 oz (levitational magnitude of 1)

Now, it feels like my dad was quoting up here. Hmm. Don't know.

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