Hal's Hat

Hal's Hat

Thursday, March 15, 2012

visual aides...

Here is what I've seen and experienced this week in the green world.... very visual this week!

Hal's specialty: good luck clover
A four-leaf clover- happy St. Pat's!

Some of my favorite spring shrubs are in bloom. First the plum shrub. Sometimes I use a Cistena Plum- a purple leaf sandcherry. However, this is the alley version! I don't think it's as fancy as purple leaves!

The second group of two pics are the Royal Star Magnolia shrubs. They really can get the size of a small tree. They produce an entirely cold-hardy early spring white floppy flower. They are old fashioned, wild-seeming magnolia. Can't help but love this beauty!

Plum shrub
Star Magnolia Shrub

Early spring, late winter perennial flower. The foliage is almost evergreen, very waxy. Latin name is Hellebore.
Lenten Rose

And of course, the flowering quince! She is coral-red and an old fashioned favorite. She makes a good low ramblinghedge. She has a thorny look and even appeals to me in an Asian garden setting. 

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