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Monday, April 9, 2012

Nettles! Again.... Fresh!

Lawrence Kansas: I'm excited to get into spring. We are finally rehabbing the yard and I'm feeling so optimistic about my gardens this year! I am also really excited about the wild foraging for herbs.... it is time to harvest and enjoy fresh Nettles.
I've written about nettles before, as I do every spring. I just cannot recommend them enough. They are a green, wild food that offers energy, replenishes vitamins and helps undo so much damage we do to ourselves! Nettles have a large natural supply of vitamin K (helps blood veins./ vessels et al and calcium (really accessible for the body). They have a special magic dance they do with your adrenal system- seeming to provide energy without depleting those precious adrenals. Don't get enough sleep? Stressed out? Have babies,nurse, work, don't eat enough? Eat too much white flour, sugar, coffee? Your adrenals need support! Ok, MY adrenals need support. Yours may be fine.....
Either way, tis the season to support yourself with wild food. I recommend a large mouth quart jar, put a lot of green stuff in the jar (half, all the way?) and sprinkle in mint as well. I use alternately fresh mint from the garden or dried spearmint. Pour boiling hot water on top and steep for 4 hours. This is what distinguishes an infusion from a pleasant tea. You are, in essence, pulling the essence from the plant with the hot water. It will be bright, vibrant green and will require refrigeration. Drink a quart a week- your stomach, kidneys and adrenals will thank you! This drink will not last more than 4 or 5 days. You can dilute it if the taste is too strong for you- go ahead. Add honey for a sweeter taste. Add hot water and make a hot infusion again for comfort. Really- take a shortcut, just drink it.
motherwort- not time to tincture yet!
wild strawberry
If you wish to get  some from me, just send an email. I hardly know what to charge you- it is free after all! Just message me if you want some..... I'll package the herb up for you. You make the infusions!

Here is a link to my post last year, pictures, more info, etc.


  1. Would you post a picture of nettles in the woods or growing. I don't want to try the wrong plant.

    1. Yes- I'm on it! Thought I got some, didnt :). But I have a description in the old post- square stem (mint family), serrated toothed leaves, sting.