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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Colic! And Probiotics!

I am so excited to link to this post.... partially because I am right. Let me say this again: natural medicine wins  the day on this one, guys! The cause of colic (granted it's only in one study) has been linked to a bacteria or gut flora in a baby's gut. And the best way to deal with that???? PROBIOTICS! 
I am really excited because I've been linking to this stuff for ages; recommending it to strangers and generally trying to get all mamas to put this in themselves if they aren't doing any bottle feedings but need to get this into a tiny, screaming infant body. Also, this can be mixed with a little warm water and dropper fed into the baby's mouth. 
Here is the article! I understand it's tentative. But it also cannot hurt to start using probiotics in your own mouth before and after birth to balance your own gut flora. Birth is traumatic and C-sections/ hospital stays even more so....Here is my original post on the subject as well!

I wish you all very well and I hope your babe doesn't have colic. But it isn't your fault- it's just nature. Take some probiotics- for yourself and your little baby.  


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